Gettysms For Advertising And Marketing Agencies


Getty SMS plays proactive role to serve the clients by entertaining them with wonderful mobile marketing returns. Yes, SMS has become yet another tool to serve and woo your clients. Getty SMS enables you to reach your clients with the marketing messages and also send discount vouchers, personalized offers or any other texts as an attachment. Getty SMS is a versatile marketing tool. It gives wide opportunity to evaluate your SMS offline as also on online ad campaign platforms.

A shot in the arm

Getty offers you unique reseller options to make you own the powerful SMS marketing platforms. Needless to mention, the platform gives wide opportunity to enhance your sales.

Do you have any special offers to make?

Are you planning to make any special offers to your clients? That is wonderful, send them gift vouchers and we will manage your Voucher creation to redemption utility.

Client need not open his mailbox:

Do not wait till your client opens mail box instead send him SMS attachments. With that he can read you’re a copy, your marketing offers and what not.

Effective on target customers:

The platform we offer has 98% target customers open the SMS (open rates). Almost 90% target customers read and memorize your message (read rates). It is just about three minutes of SMS that has created an impact on your target customers and naturally the ads will secure higher Return on Investments (ROI).

Perfect event manager:

Getty SMS is so versatile it enables you to effectively manage the event. The platform is an all inclusive utility it helps you not only promoting the event but also other issues like managing the response from people invited for the event, get details of total invitees, get feedback from the invitees and various other utilities.

Quick alerts:

We at Getty have a unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) utility. This utility will send instant automated reminders like action to be taken or generate instant payment acknowledgements and such other numerous functions.

Make effective use of offline ads:

Yes, utility of billboard ads can be effectively enhanced by inserting CTA button. If the reader is interested in making use of any offers, all that he has to do is to text the relevant code of your client. The platform will manage the message through its offline utility.

Make a quick mobile web page:

Yes, Getty can be an alternative to your IT professionals. We pioneer in making a perfect landing page for all SMS marketing campaigns. We are proud to say we create this landing page very quickly.

Effectiveness of SMS campaign needs proper review and preparation of performance report of the entire SMS campaign. In this regard we actually help you to help your clients. You can access our User Interface utility and download the Application Program Interface (API) utility. That contains the much needed analysis of SMS campaign performance. Send this report to the client and he would be very much benefited by it and needless to say that will improve your performance.