Gettysms for Automobiles


Stop your dependence on IT companies and telephone operators. Be on your own and that would be a welcome approach.You can regulate your market strategy with least dependence on others. Getty SMS shows you the way; it may be launching a new product, managing your agents, post sales service, customer review we will provide all the assistance you need.

Crystal clear images:

In the realm of marking effectiveness of a clear image may not require any explanation. Instead of sending lengthy explanation send a clear image of the product. Send this as an attachment to your SMS. The platform we provide is so versatile you can even insert spreadsheet, PDF as also weblinks. Remember all these through of Getty SMS.

Customers will handle it directly:

Our platform would assist you by permitting the customers to book the appointment through an SMS. Once this is done, the platform will register the appointment through Application Program Interface mode. Remember, these are based on real time management technique.

Perfect interaction approach:

Getty has wonderful mobile optimization utility. By this utility you can conduct a survey like for example evaluation of feedback provided by the customer about the product you have recently introduced. All these reviews will get registered with your website

Keep an eye on your customer
interaction service:

This is exactly what our platform does. If you have to send periodical alerts to the customers about service contracts, or renewal of insurance our platform will help you in this process.

Added value to customers:

The versatility of the Getty SMS platform is further highlighted by certain other exclusive utilities available. For example, If you want to give your customers few important details about the product, you can attach message to the SMS.

Enhanced effective communication:

Getty has evolved a wonderful looped opt-ion-data base technology. Any enquiries from the customers is linked to this data base and by virtue of keywords or codes (both short and long codes) the enquires get answered.

A perfect tool to manage
two or more agencies:

Managing and interacting with two or more agencies or dealers would be a difficult task. But, this is now made easy with the introduction of our platform. You are given the option to allow the dealers to take charge of certain specified task and the remaining you can handle. A perfect division of work and that helps in efficient management of the business. This can be done effectively by using Getty platform.

Added access to customers:

Getty SMS helps you by allowing customers to book appointments, renew AMC or place order for the product. Similarly, on your part the platform allows you send special offer vouchers, discount coupons or any such other offers. Remember, the Gitty platform manages all these and updates the data and gives you the much needed relief.

Getty platform can enhance web traffic:

Getty is very effective in SMS campaigns because it can be used as a short link and messages sent to the website of the target customers. At the same time, the platform updates the data by recording customer’s evaluation in real-time analysis.