Banking & Financial Services


Use our Getty platform to provide banking and insurance services to your client

These are days of paperless office and paperless communication system. Our versatile SMS platform allows you to provide many banking services like fund transfers, statements, insurance renewal details and various other useful services. Transfer this information through our SMS platform. The platform allows you to customize the platform to the needs of your clients.

Instant bank and insurance updates:

We bring the banking to the mobile phone; view your bank statements, transfer funds, get information about bank credits or debits, insurance policy renewals updates and much more from our unique Getty platform. This information comes to you as SMS attachments. Relax and see the information. Keep your bank pass book away; our platform gives you more information about your account than what pass book can give.

Protect against hackers:

As you know, these days’ hackers have been cutting through the bank accounts and siphoning of the money. Our platform has evolved several safety measures against such misuse. We have evolved a unique API gateway that not only gives access to your bank account details but also gives alerts on every debit or credit to your account. You are given a password to access the account.

Keep them posted with updates:

Keep your clients informed about behavior of stock market, Forex, changes in interest rates to Net Asset Value (NAV) account. The platform is designed to give you updates on all these and many more issues. The information will be passed on at regular interval like for example on hourly basis or on alternate days and so on.

Effective communication management:

Management of communication is a very crucial task. It involves using templates that are customized to the need of the business house. It also prevents sub users from accessing your account

Effective evaluation of results:

One of the important elements in any business is evaluation of the results through customer feedback and other modes. Out platform has a unique ‘mobile optimization’ platform which enables you view the reviews and performance on branch to branch basis.

Very good tool to introduce
new product/service:

With our platform it is very simple to target new customers as also promote new products. To avail this utility all that you have to do is to give a URL link start updating the link. With that you will be able to evaluate the promotion in real-time.

Other services:

The platform can be effectively used for providing various other services. You can entitle the clients to know the balance in his bank account, details regarding location and services available in different branches and other information. That will naturally help you to build large clientele.

Build your clientele:

Instead of calling target customers just send them SMS and introduce your products. Use good keywords/long codes and naturally that makes your communication effective and you can effectively reach the target customers.

We have a team of committed technicians:

If you find any difficulty in application of our platform our highly qualified and experienced technicians will guide you on every aspect of implementation and other issues. They help you in guiding the campaign, evaluating it and also making changes in the campaign pattern if found necessary.