Gettysms for E-Commerce


Getty SMS platform improves your business with greater interactions with valued customers

Getty has complete understanding of the anatomy of e-commerce. That is the reason why platforms are developed to take on all aspects of e-commerce. You can send attachments of website or URL, evaluate the impact of feedbacks and all these evaluations are made in real-time. This is considered a wonderful SMS platform for e-commerce

A platform that has redefined the concept of e-commerce through SMS service:

SMS is longer limited to sending personal messages. Getty platform has expanded the utility of SMS service. This platform allows you to send payment acknowledgements, invoice, brochure, details of shipping and even URLS as an attachment.

Elevated utility:

You can send information regarding stock positions or purchases or any other kind of reminders. This can be sent as an automated SMS. You can also link it to the payment utility.

Effective management of our SMS platform:

The versatility of Getty platform can be further explained through exclusive utilities like managing multi-user accounts, effective protection against hackers, managing privileges and so on.

Send automated daily offers:

If you have any special deal on certain specific days or introducing a new product you can send an automated information to your clients. The platform is designed it analyses the effects of automated SMS in real time. Naturally, this would help your devise strategy depending on the results of analysis.

Interact with customers to serve them better:

If you want to ascertain the availability of the customers during specific hours for delivering the product, you send an SMS. The reply of the customer will land on your inbox. This helps you to manage the delivery process and also respond appropriately to the customer.

Unique mobile landing page:

Getty intends to reduce your dependence on IT professionals. This is one of the few platforms that would drop the messages at the mobile landing pages. Naturally, you get wider accessibility to the information. The mobile landing page is intricate designed it has perfect visibility.

Know your customers:

Know your customers and ascertain their view on your service, quality of the product, your response time and what not. You can get this information and evaluate them through this mobile optimized survey enabled platform.

Effective use of app service:

Getty makes complete utility of mobile app service. The SMS messages you have sent to the clients always has greater impact than the email messages. Normally, the client will view the message almost immediately. Getty is well integrated with this app technology.

Getty can give ‘tailor made’ solution:

Yes, this is a fact. You tell us the product and target customers and our experts will devise effective solutions through our robust platform. Our team will develop a system that perfectly integrates with your CRM.