Gettysms for Education


Managing an educational institution is now made easy thanks to Getty SMS platform

As the head of the educational institution you will have to interact with the staff, administrative wing and also with parents. Those were the days when information were either typed or printed and posted to the concerned. It may about the attendance of the student, examination schedule, meetings, arranging educational or cultural activities; all is now taken care of by our Getty SMS platform.

The performance depends on the students:

Yes it is a fact; the performance of an educational institution is dependent on both the staff and the students. Choosing the right student and capable staff culminates in getting good results. Use the Getty platform to highlight the facilities available in your institution. Attach brochures, web link, doc and so on. Now watch the results in real-time.

Wonderful interaction between
teachers and students:

If there is any subject that warrant a discussion between teacher and students send them the information using automated information utility. This is a 2-way SMS message technique that effectively allows exchange of messages along with attachments.

Attach pictures:

If you are managing a play home or kindergarten there could be instances that parents would call you to enquire about their loved kids. Answer them with a picture of the kid and that would explain about the wellbeing of the kid. Send the photo as an attachment to your SMS reply. Getty platform is designed for such utilities.

Just send the SMS:

Instead of sending those printed or typed reports just send SMS. If there any additional information is to be inserted Getty would allow it. You can insert URL, spreadsheet or anything for that matter.

Effective distribution of work:

Distribute the work among your faculty or other working group. They will send messages or make SMS campaign using our Getty platform. That would allow you time to concentrate on other vital issues of your educational institutions.

Mobile app with greater utility:

The mobile app technology evolved in our platform is so versatile you can send bulk SMS or schedule messages, import messages and so on. Using this application even your colleagues or staff as also students can send SMS or any other urgent information.

Make it personal and build good clientele:

Getty platform has a powerful API gateway that allows you to send personal as also automated messages. It may be attendance alert of the student, or birthday wishes for your near and dear ones or any other messages for that matter; it can be sent through this gateway.

Effective ticketing process:

If you are inviting your students or alumni for a get together send the tickets to them using our mobile ticket utility. The app utility will keep a record about attendance and other relevant information. You have the choice of sending tickets to those who has made request or send the tickets to each of your clients.

Conduct effective surveys:

The Getty allows you to conduct surveys about your students or teachers or even about the performance of students. This is unique survey utility that stores all responses received with other relevant information about mobile number of the recipient and so on.