Event Management

Of course, event management is not an easy task. But, with our Getty SMS platform it would be very easy to manage the event We understand that while managing an event, the event manager should be in direct interaction with the client. Our platform makes way for this. Be in touch with the client and reduce your dependence on agent

Here are the advantages:

Manage the event with our SMS utility:

The platform we provide helps you abundantly by taking over the task of issue of brochures send also images or PDF or URL as also spread sheet and so on. Your dependence on middlemen will be totally eliminated.

Get instant reply:

Yes, it is simple RSVP protocol; using our Getty platform you can request the invitees to RSVP to your inbox. With this, you can also manage the number of invitees and the number likely to be present for the event.

Effective management of the event:

Getty SMS software shows the way so that you can effectively manage the event. You can issue food coupons, entry coupons, get details of invitees attending workshops and various other utilities are provided in this platoform.

Keep the invitees fully informed:

Many times it happens; the event may get cancelled or there could be changes in the dates or there may be in the venue or timings and things like that. Now, it is your duty to inform the invitees sufficiently in advance. The Getty software is suited for such ‘timely alerts’.

Enables you to make
meticulous preparations:

Be it a wedding party or birth day party or prom party; you can send personalized invitations to the guests. Along with invitations you can also send the venue details, dress code if any, RSVP and other necessary information. You can send these as an attachement. The Getty platform enables you to send all these data as an SMS along with a keyword.

Very quick evaluation:

How effective was the workshop or seminar? The Getty has the answer. You can request the participants to grade the speaker as also grade other arrangements made in the conference or workshop. The results will be tabulated by the software and you can view the result almost instantaneously.

A perfect tool to interact:

There could be situations where the participants may have to interact with you. They may have to check with your about availability of ticket, or venue of the event or on various other related issues regarding the event. Once the event is announced keep the mobile in ‘auto response utility’. The Getty platform will do the rest and of course without disturbing you. It will send automated information to the people who have made enquiries.

We issue mobile tickets:

Once RSVP is received it can be used to generate an automated mobile ticket. There is no need to print and issue a ticket and request the invitee to bring the ticket along with them. There is also no need for ticketing software; your dependence of IT professional is totally eliminated. The mobile ticket is enough to identify the invitees at the entrance and that serves as a good tool to get the list of invitees attending the event.

Entertain the guests the way prefer:

Yes, it is simple; request the guests to send their preferences for entertainment and request them to send the SMS to you inbox account. Send a suitable keyword or long code and that helps them send instant reply.