Government & Public Utilities

Make best use of direct communication technology to improve the effectiveness of governance Allow people to make use of the various utilities like payment of tax or send request for certain documents, seek appointment with government agencies through SMS. Our Getty platform will manage these SMS and thereby help both you and the citizen and render service to the nation.

This is how Getty would help you ....

Help in acting during emergencies:

Give the public wide range of access during emergencies like accidents, fire, complaining about leaking pipes or potholes and so on. The public should be allowed to send the message directly to the SMS inbox. Getty platform has the technology to achieve this.

Send quick communication to help citizens:

Traffic jams, sudden downpour or some other emergencies can affect the movement of people. Send them SMS and alert them to make use of some other route to reach their destinations.

Remind about dues:

Our platform can be effectively used to send automated reminders to customers about dues on utility services. This can be sent to the email account or to the mobile of the customers. A web link is also provided so that the customer can pay the amount through SMS. This will also benefit the user because he can avoid payment of fines or delay charges.

No more waiting in long queues:

Why allow people to stand in long queue and waste their precious time. You can request them to send their request for various documents like for example tax details, forms for registration, and documents for enrollment into certain schools or colleges; all through SMS. Our Getty platform will help you send all these.

There are services that can be automated:

In the public utility service there are certain areas where human intervention is not required. In such cases, the automated SMS or mobile app can be an effective communicator. Adopt this service to serve the public in an effective manner. This will also save you considerable amount of money on paying to the call center service charges.

Regulate your communication:

Many of the utilities are not allowed to be operated by persons working in certain lower hierarchy of administration. This is done to ensure that performance is effectively measured and there are middlemen who may hype the performance. This will also be useful from the point of view auditors.

Ascertain the views of public:

If you want to evaluate the performance of the public utility service, it is the public who should judge and mark your score. Therefore, get the feedback about the public utility services. For this purpose, Getty has introduced a versatile mobile optimized survey utility.

Conduct poll to evaluate your performance:

If you want elicit the opinion of public on a given issue; just ask them to send their preferences to a given dedicated inbox. The results of the poll so conducted can be view in real-time.

Make things easy:

If any person has taken an appointment remind him by sending SMS about the appointment. Ignore those appointments not responded by concerned persons. Whenever a person applies for some public utility service send a link to your SMS mentioning the documents that needs to be sent along with the application. All these SMS can be automated and Getty shows you the way.

Guide the public:

Many times it happens, public may need your help in locating a particular public utility service in a given locality. In such cases, tell the public about the exact location of the services and if need be you can even send an attachment indicate the road map from the nearest point.