Gettysms for Health & Beauty


People would always be looking for service that is easy to be obtained. People are conscious about their health and you can help them by making it easy for them to book their appointments or getting their diet chart or any other health related utility

Remind customers:

In the realm of wellness, customers may need periodical appointments to seek advice on various health issues. Keep track of the appointments and send them automated reminders. Getty has made this process much simple.

Off season sales:

Sales during off season could be a promising road to boost your performance. You can start SMS campaign on such boost sales promotions. You can create vouchers, monitor delivery and even regulate the release of products.

Manage your business:

This utility would be of great help to those who are working independently. The utility allows such people to be in direct contact with the customers by sending messages through Getty mobile app platform. They can send the message from anywhere in the world.

Make your work free with
distribution of work:

Allow your branches or other franchisees to conduct independent surveys and campaigns. You can concentrate on other vital issues and simultaneously keep a track on the works done by the branches and franchisees. The Getty platform has a unique methodology for this purpose.

Track attendance in events:

You can conduct seminars or conferences or anniversary. SMS tickets to the customers inviting them to the conference. Now, track their attendance using mobile ticketing utility.

Give them that extra service:

Customers would be pleased if you send them some tips periodically, Send them some wellness or beauty tips at certain fixed intervals.

Gift for frequent visitors:

Frequent visitors would be pleased if they are sent some gift hampers or loyalty cards or greetings. You can send this on their birthday or during festival seasons. Let them redeem hampers with simple procedures. The Getty platform has a unique system for this.

Be in direct touch:

If your customers want to get in touch with dieticians or beauticians or hairdressers and book an appointment with them; they can do so by sending an SMS to your mobile. They have to use either the long or short codes.

Unique discounts:

This is a unique discount offer; you can send a mobile voucher which can be one time offer. You can offer various types of discounts like on annual package or quarterly packages and so on. That mean one package will have wide range of choice for the customers to exercise .

Make a perfect assessment of yourself:

This is a basic requirement of any businessman. Get the feedback from your clients about the quality of your service. For this survey you can use our mobile survey utility and assess your performance.

Get direct access to the customers:

In order to improve the sales you will have to share the features of the projects and other information with the target customers. For this purpose, Getty has introduced a mechanism wherein URL and even flyers can be shared using mobile SMS services. This can be done by using Getty’s exclusive ‘marketing reach’ utility. The results of such actions can be measured in real-time.