GettySMS for Logistics


If you are in logistics business ensure you deliver the materials on time

You should be able to interact with the drivers and customers by providing them utilities like tracking consignments, delivery schedule and even road maps as and when driver feels its necessity. Getty has a way to achieve all these and much more.

Perfect tracking utility

We at Getty shun the practice of making frequent calls by customers enquiring about their consignments. We have evolved a system of getting consignment updates in real-time. This enables you to send automated message at regular intervals to the customers as also to drivers and your branches or franchise.

Be precise on delivery schedule:

Once the consignment reaches the designated place do not call the customers to take delivery. Instead you can allow the choice to the customers to decide when they are able to take delivery of the consignment. Send just them an SMS through your dedicated inbox.

Give more options to customers:

You may open a dedicated channel for sending attachments like invoice, consignment notes and such other documents. This can be sent as an attachment to the web URL.

Send updates as and when needed:

Getty knows the anxiety of customers in taking delivery of the consignment. It is for this reason they make frequent calls. Send them updates about consignment as and when they need it. The tracking software will take or such issues and you can send the information by automated response utility.

Quick delivery:

You can send map as also landmark details to the driver or his assistants so that they would be able to locate the place without any fuss. For this purpose a short link utility is provided.

Be specific about delivery:

Let the customers know about the pick points or drop off points. Send them an SMS along with their pincode and link it your dedicated short or long codes.

Get effective feedback:

Getting feedback in real time is a wonderful phenomenon integrated by Getty. Just send data capture forms using mobile optimization utility. That will enable you to get the feedback in real-time.

Make them more responsible:

Equip managers and other responsible staff with the API integration, Email SMS utility and such other utility imbibed in the Getty platform. That will make them feel more responsible and they would be act as and when the situation demands.

Effective distribution of work:

We understand the importance of distribution of work for effective performance in a business. Allow the branches to do the SMS campaign and you can take charge of other vital issues. We have a unique utility dedicated for such distribution of portfolios.