Gettysms for Media & Entertainment


Make the event more entertaining with your real time managment approach

Getty has an exclusive utility that can effectively enhance audience participation. You can send automated SMS to send invitations for contests, improve opinion polls, subscription during reality shows or contests.

Stimulated participation of audience:

As soon as the reality show of a contestant is complete send automated messages. That will enable the viewers to give their quick response. Be proactive to ensure audience participation.

Effective management of DTH subscriptions:

It normally happens; DTH subscribers forget to renew their subscriptions. So, send automated reminders to such subscribers, similarly, if there any notifications or added services send automated SMS alerts. Getty has the way to do these with least efforts

Effective management of ticketing:

If you are conducting any event, you can send the tickets and the invitations as an attachment to your SMS. The Getty platform is such that the tickets can be conveniently redeemed with the help of mobile app utility.

Encourage viewers to get involved:

Viewers will be delighted to interact with their favorite artists. Similarly they will be delighted when their messages or their favorite songs are played on the television. All these can be effectively managed with Getty platform by using short or long codes through your mobile SMS utility.

Benefits to online readers:

Enable the subscribers to online newspapers and magazines to renew their subscriptions by using your mobile app service by providing them to download the link directly.

Effective promotions:

If you are holding an event send the details like posters and other details of the event as an attachment to your SMS. The Getty has a very effective tool for such protocols.

Effective interactions with ad agencies:

It is necessary that ad agencies should be informed about the advertisement rates, TRP ratings and such other vital issues. That will help them to effectively promote the product. All these can be sent as an attachment to your SMS using Getty protocols.

Keep in touch with your staff:

There are instances that you will have to keep your crew members informed about various issues like for example changes in the schedule, or cast and so on. The information can be effectively passed on with Getty mobile app utility.

Added security:

Getty understands the importance of confidentiality of the medical reports. Keeping this in view Getty ensures your message is sent securely sent. It has evolved enough provisions to lock the message templates and also use by any sub users