NGOs & Community Group


People of your locality can be managed effectively using modern communication technology

Keep them informed about various activities planned in the locality, request their participation, request for donations and Getty platform would help to make it

Modern technology of Getty shows the way:

It is quite simple, attach brochures or web links or flyers or pamphlets to you SMS and send it to the members of your NGO. This media is quite effective as compared to distributing pamphlets or sending letters by post.

Personally thank every member:

Instead of making a generalized remark thanking the members, consider sending an automated SMS to every member thanking his participation in the meeting or event. Getty shows you the way because it has made the entire process quite simple.

Very quick interactions

Making phone calls to every member is a tedious task and it is expensive too. Instead of doing that, why not consider sending bulk automated SMS. This can reach all the members at a time and that would be quite convenient and effective tool too. Getty platform has a simplified remedy for this as well.

Make it convenient for the donors:

Importance of donors in an NGO does not require any explanation. When they are ready to donate, make it easy for them to remit their donation. Intimate them the nearest place where donations can be remitted. Getty platform has a utility where such information can be passed on to the prospective donors in bulk.

Keep in constant contact with members and donors:

Send periodical SMS informing the members and donors about the activities of the NGO. This information can be sent to web links and wherever needed, you can even attach a report on the activity of NGO.

Participation is automated process:

When you are conducting an event of competition you can ask the members interested in taking part in the competition to SMS to your inbox. That would be most effective way of confirming the participation. No more paper work about confirming participation in the event.

Ticketing is made easy:

Send Getty mobile tickets to every member of the NGO. This would reduce the work of event management agency. Allow them to redeem the thicket at the entrance. With that you will also be able to track the attendance at the event.

Try to get more from donors:

Make a request to all donors to prefer for some gift aid and send an automated SMS to the donors. This can be generated as a link to the mobile form.

We have a team of committed technicians:

If you find any difficulty in application of our platform our highly qualified and experienced technicians will guide you on every aspect of implementation and other issues. They help you in guiding the campaign, evaluating it and also making changes in the campaign pattern if found necessary.