Gettysms for Restaurants & Takeaways


Build your clientele by highlighting unique cuisines on your menu Make effective use of marketing technique by telling your customers what you have on the platter for them. Send them list of menu along with its photos, discount coupons and any other offers.

Effective handling of orders and delivery:

This process is now made simple by Getty. As soon as you receive the order send automated confirmation of the order. Allow delivery tracking by URL via SMS. Now, put the order through API mode of Getty. The platform will effectively manage the order.

Exclusive discount vouchers:

Offer discount vouchers for limited time or specific hours. That would be a wonderful lean hour offer. Send the discount voucher as attachment to SMS. Getty will manage the entire couponing and the process of redeeming the coupons.

Loyal customers need special attention:

Yes, they are your invaluable asset. Handle them carefully and effectively; reward them with discount coupons or loyalty card. SMS the coupon as attachment and Getty will tell you about the response and other details.

Distribute the work effectively:

You have more responsibility to handle. Allow your branches as also franchisees to go ahead with SMS campaign. You take care of other vital issues like menu, purchase and so on. Now fix the template and Getty’s enterprise grade utility will handle it.

The effective opt-in data base:

Here is a wonderful approach to enhance and strengthen your customer base. Simply use your keyword on long or short code and send SMS to your customers to receive discount coupons or other special offers or promotions. Getty will analyze the response and the effectiveness of your campaign.

Cater to customers needs:

This is how you can build strong customer base. Make an assessment of the customers’ choice for their favorite dishes. Now design your menu according to the taste of the customers. It is very easy to conduct such polls, send ‘in bound’ SMS or send Getty mobile forms. The rest Getty platform will handle.

Entice your customers:

Add new recipes to your menu card and publicize with elegant photos and a write up with unique feature of the recipe. Send all these as SMS attachment. You can even use weblinks and PDF. Make some special offers and entice your customers to bring their friends and relatives so that you will have new entrants into your restaurant. Getty shows you the way to track the response rate.

Keep customers fully informed:

Integrate the information on customers’ contact with Getty mobile app mode. Now, send information on currency of any special offers or such other information. Thereby keep your customers aware of special offers or such other information.

Why not give pleasant surprise to customers?

It is quite simple; integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) protocol with Getty’s platform. Now, send special discount coupons on their birthday or wedding anniversary. Surprise them and at the same time strengthen your customer base.

Simple opinion survey:

After your valued customer had their favorite food, you can conduct a survey. The Getty’s optimized survey protocol will enable you to get real time feed back.