Be proactive and send details of any new offers of new products from reputed brands to your valued customers As retailers you are in direct contact with end users. Make the best use of this opportunity by building your customer base. Use Getty’s mobile SMS protocol to send automated information about special offers, draw interesting membership drive, sending birthday wishes and give them the pleasant surprise And this is how Getty would achieve it

And this is how Getty would make it

Add to customers’ delight:

Use the lean days to best of your advantage. Use Getty SMS protocol and send discount vouchers or special offers to your valued customers. Redeem the voucher using mobile app protocol when the customers turn up to your store.

Easy membership drive:

Customers are very busy and find little time to wait in long queues for taking the membership. Instead, send SMS to them using keywords and short codes in–store. Now, allow them to sign up and with that you find substantial increase to your membership.

Reliable survey:

Just send survey forms to your customers using the exclusive Getty survey protocol and get instant feedback about the shopping experience of the customer. You can even conduct this survey on day to day basis. Getty will tabulate the results of the survey and that would help you to realign your strategy.

Be quick to grab:

Yes, this can make your customers more curious and they would try to grab the offer. Simply create mobile landing pages with our Getty’s platform and now make any of the time bound interesting special offers. You find considerable quick response from the enthused customers.

Welcome visitors:

When a new visitor has browsed welcome him affectionately. You can use mobile app to send flyers and web URL to the new visitor. That will make them feel comfortable and enjoy happy shopping. Getty’s protocol has simple and effective mechanism to achieve this.

Established customers are your great asset:

Send special loyalty card to your established customers. These cards can be created by using Getty platform. The platform also allows you to conveniently redeem and also manage the cards.

Customized reports:

Getty has a useful protocol that effectively integrates to your CRM application to provide you with customized reports.

Share useful information:

Send information on new products, sale, customer review report and such other details with your staff and the franchisees. You can send the information as an attachment to SMS.

Effective distribution of work:

Make your branches and franchisees responsible; allow them to conduct SMS campaign while you may take over financial and other administration management. Use Getty’s multi-user utilities, seal the templates and now allow them to work within the fixed framework.

Two pronged campaign:

Getty has a unique protocol called email to SMS utility. Use this utility to allow campaign both by email and SMS. If you are already running an email campaign then add SMS campaign to it. On the other side you can add email campaign to the ongoing SMS campaign.

Exclusive personalized offers:

Every customer would be happy if he receives birthday wishes or wedding anniversary. Make this more unique by sending some personalized offers along with your wishes for the occasion. You would delight the customer and strengthen your customer base. When any popular brand materials have arrived to your store send them the information. Intimate them periodically about reward points won by them. You can do all these by just integrating the CRM with Getty’s API.