Travel & Tourism

Avail Getty travel protocol utility to effectively manage the itinerary of your customers Getty has versatile SMS utilities that makes you act much in advance for the convenience and comfort of your valued customers. You can use this protocol to send real time alerts, mobile tickets, information about hotel bookings, information about the location and what not.

And this is how Getty would achieve it

Daily updates:

If you are in the travel business, providing daily updates to your valued customers would be of immense help to them and they would be excited with such information. So, use our protocol to send SMS attachment on matters like weather report, travel tips, places to be visited during the day and so on.

Get quick feedback:

If you are planning to get feedback from your customers send them SMS and attach the data collection form using Getty platform. The platform will tabulate the results for you. Thereby you not save money on tele-callers but also get first hand information from the customers.

Ticketing is a fun:

Issuing ticket is no more a cumbersome procedure; it is made quite simple. Start issuing mobile tickets. It is quite easy, use Getty’s ticketing protocol and then send the mobile ticket through SMS. Now redeem the ticket using the app utility. It may be ticketing for bus service or lodging services or amusement park run by you, you can adopt this procedure.

No more enquires over phone:

if your customers want to know more about any services or other information here is the simple way to do it. Allot short/long code and keyword to your customers. Once they text in the query, they would get real time updates on the details sought by them. Therefore there is no need for any telephonic enquires.

Entice customers with interesting offers:

It is time to strengthen your clientele. Why not consider sending SMS and book URL making some exciting offer to the customers. You can send discount vouchers or holiday brochures or interesting images; all to win the confidence of your valued customers.

Update customers:

in the first place insert the web URL and now start your SMS campaign. You can now start sending out information about proposed new travel plan, changes to the itinerary and so on.

Positive interactions:

Tour guides play a crucial role in every travel business. So, equip them with Getty mobile app and this would help them to be in direct touch with the respective touring agency as also with the tourist. This will help them to effectively manage the itinerary.

Exclusive personalized webpages:

Yes, this way to delight your valued customers. Just SMS your valued customers personalized webpages or any special offers. The webpages can be created using Getty mobile page creator utility. Creating the page is quite simple it involves just few steps.

Useful timely alerts:

Use our protocol to send real time alerts about flight delay, or details of hotel booking and such other vital information to your customers. Our Getty API utility will effectively manage the processing of such issues.